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Hi all,

Ive done a seach on this forum about battery drain and got some good tips. However, I do want to describe mine to get some opinions.

Basically, one morning my car wouldnt start, and i had to bump start it to get it going. It was all the classic symtoms of a dead battery. Took it to the garage and he checked it over and found there was hardly any acid left in the battery so put in a new one. He also tested the battery was being charged ok via the alternator and everything was ok.

Now, about 3 weeks later the problem has come back again! car won't start the central locking sounds really weak too.

One issue ive had from the start of this battery trouble, is when i start the car it makes like a squealing (a little like when the fan belt slips) sound. It only does it for 1 second. The car seems to run fine when its going.

Can some people shed some more light on this?

P.S. Is this what I need to do that fuse test:

posted by  Philljp

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