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My 94 Pathfinder just had the starter brushes and a new sylonoid put in. My battery is good reading 12.7 volts but I get in especially cold days n the thing just clicks at the starter when I hit the key. Sometimes I will get underneath and jump with a screwdriver across starter a couple of times then get in and the thing will start with the key. This is a 3.0 litre auto 4 door 4x4, power everything fully loaded. It was quite the truck in her day but I am getting very annoyed and don't have the money to let the dealer try 4 or 5 things until they find the problem. Most times I keep hiting the key over and over after about 20 clicks or so it'll roll over and start??? maybe the fields in the starter???. I went to a car shop n they sold me some kinda relay thats supose to send all current to the starter before anything else during start up which cost 35 bucks its a relay wired in between the starter n battery with a inline fuse that was 15 amp. it would blow every once in while so now I have a 30 amp in it. Does anyone have any ideas or sugestions 4 me I would be very appreciative. I'm going to install a heater in the radiater hose to help keep the engine warm during cold nights and this may help some??? :banghead:

posted by  path94finder

I had similar problem and it was that the battery cable connection where corroded.

posted by  pshisbey

I thought that my cables may have been coroded or loose but they werent. I even run a new ground wire from the starter to firewll for a better ground still made no difference. I'm pretty sure it is'nt a battery problem cause it does the same thing even when being boosted by another car. thanks for the input.

posted by  path94finder

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