**PLEASE READ: starting problems with my 78 trans am advice needed.

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ever since i bought my car (1978 trans am) last april, it has problems starting. first i bought a new battery, then replaced the alternator, then checked the timing, but still nothing. if i am lucky i will get the car to turn over after about 5-10 minutes of trying. if i jump her, it can take up to 20 minutes....

it probably has to do with the a draw somewhere in the electrical, but if there is anything i should try please let me know, my neighbor, a prosche enthusiest thinks it could be a blown gasket in the engine, so he suggested me to test the compression.
i should prolly note the clouds of oil smoke out of the exhaust each time i start her up, there is either oil leaking into the line, or since the car sat for 6 years maybe something built up in the line and it is smokiking off that.

please help me out! thanks,
- brad

posted by  kye 166

Does this mean BLACK smoke?

If so, I like the compression test idea. Also check battery cables & all other electrical cables & fuses. Things must be clean, tight and dry.

posted by  pshisbey

oil burns blue, but tommorow b4 work i will check it out

posted by  kye 166

My suggestion to you is to keep replacing parts at random as you are until it miraculously begins to run properly. Next try the U-joints, the stereo control knobs, the lug nuts and don't forget to replenish the headlight fluid.

Try those things and then get back to us. Maybe by then pshisbey can tell us why it's a good idea to do a compression test if you have black smoke.

Roger Wilco, over and out. :thumbs:

posted by  vwhobo

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