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ussually im prety good with electrical but im not used to asian thinking.
Both my back windows went out on my 93 nissan altima
there is 3 wires on the back of the switchs for the rear. in the main switch set i can move the switch and i hear the motor click but nothing happens, in the back i can move the swithes and the motor wil click but still no movement. both doors do exactly the same thing. ive tried to run separate power to the motors to test them in the door. but i dont know if the are set up on a relay and run power constantly or if they are like an old chevy and it goes on reverse-positive feed and groungs itself on the door frame.
Could ya give me a clue?

posted by  klnshavn

I've yet to find many auto sites to help you with your Q?. Try one of the security sites/remote start, like bulldogsecurity.com or a dozen others. Many charts and diagrams. I think you will have better luck. :2cents:

posted by  lectroid

Great news. got rid of the nissan today! no more need for this thread!!!
:thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs: :orglaugh: :orglaugh:

posted by  klnshavn

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