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i have a 88 corrolla which stalls every once in a while. it stalled 3 times. two times after i had just started it and went about 50 feet. one time a when it was running for 30 minutes. after it stalls it will not start and i had to park it. The next day and it fires right up. all they have happened over 6 months. The last time it stalled i was able to restart it with a can of ether, but it would not idle. took it to the toyota dealer and it started right up for them and would idle find. they adjusted my carborater for 85 buck and sent me on my way. i replaced the fuel filter and pcv anybody have any suggestions?

posted by  joebn612

I have an '87 model Corolla, I do not have a cutting out problem, but if the car stalls or is left to idle (idles very rough) it cuts out eventually and it does not start easily at all. I believe the problem is fuel level, I think flooding (too much fuel) as I can smell a fair amount of fuel from the exhaust.

To start it again, put your foot flat on accellerator whilst turning the engine over, you will find it will start. That is if you have the same prob as me!

I stay in London and don't get to use the car all that often for the 1 year I have owned it. The problem has got better since I have owned it, but still idles very rough. I just bought a second hand manual from Amazon for 5 pounds, hopefully I can overhaul the carb.

Good Luck,

posted by  tmargot

I am experiencing similiar problems however my car does not shut off. I have been researching the issue AND many professionals suggest:
1. Clean Idle Air Control Valve
2. Throttle Body Clean-Up
3. Clean EGR valve

posted by  theinfamious

I figured out why it was stalling. Intrermittnet mechanical fuel pump. it was pumping but not strong enough to supply the carburator.

As to your promblem, did you check the fuel cutoff solenoid. it cuts off fuel to the carborator after the engine is turned off. it mainly a dieseling preventor. does your car ever shut off or is it just dieseling ( dieseling is the sputter a car has after the ignition is turned off). My corolla diesels mostly when i run it just a short distance.


posted by  joebn612

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