couple questions about a car i just got (brakes/rear suspension/rust)

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i was just given a 1996 chevy lumina, the motor runs great, but i'm having some other issues.....some more serious than others....just looking for some advice or input on these problems

first off, the front driver side brakes make a popping noise everytime i accelerate after a stop (sounds maybe like the caliper is sticking?) do i stop this?

secondly, i believe there is something wrong with the rear suspension, when i hit bumps witht he rear, driver side wheel, it lets out a loud squeaking noise....i've been told it could be that the strut is bad? do any of you have any ideas as to what the problem could be.....or the cost to possibly fix it?

thirdly, there is the starting of some rust over the rear wheel well, is there a way to stop this from spreading? i eventually plan on having the whole car re-painted but i just want to stop the rust so that i don't have to pay for a horrible amount of repair

thank you for any help in advance

posted by  gr8wang

Hope this helped

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EDIT. I screwed up, nevermind.

posted by  vwhobo

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