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Hi, I couldn't find a forum for general help, so I hope this fits here.

I have a wrecked 1992 Prelude (2 doors, manual) and I've been trying to get it out of my backyard garage to make room for my new RSX. The Prelude can't start anymore, the whole front is wrecked. We got it into the backyard in the first place by pushing it and steering it in. However, for some reason, the ABS turned on, and know the wheels are locked. Now we can't move the car out of the garage, and get it towed. I've tried jumping the car, but the battery is dead, so I couldn't try to turn off the ABS. A tow truck wouldn't fit into my backyard because of the narrow alley.

Is there anyway to disable the ABS and get the wheels unlock in this situation? I just want to get rid of this car.

Thanks for any help.

posted by  Boiler416

The ABS turned and locked the brakes now, did it? That's a new one for the old "dumbest thing I've ever heard" list.

ABS will not lock the brakes, hence the name Anti-Lock Brakes. Furthermore it does not turn on and off. As a matter of fact with the ignition off and/or a dead battery, the ABS is completely inoperative.

How's this for a thought? The parking brake is frozen in place because you set it when you parked it. The tires are stuck to the floor (if you don't think it happens you're dead wrong). A bit more thinking and a lot less jumping to conclusions would get the car moved faster.

posted by  vwhobo

There is still electricity running in the car, because the brake lights comes on. However, the car can't start.

I'm not a car techie, all I know is the wheels are locked, the car won't bulge when push, and I can't think of a way to move this car within the small confines of my backyard. If the brake is frozen, like you said, is there a way to fix this?
Would a mechanic be able to deal with it right in the backyard, because as of now, it's just a dead piece of metal junk that can't be moved whatsoever.

Again, any help is appreciated.

posted by  Boiler416

The best way to break them free (if that is in fact the problem) is with a good yank from a truck. You could try disassembly but it's easier to use the weight of the vehicle. First you need to determine which wheels are frozen so you know where to concentrate.

Alternately you could give someone the car for free with the understanding it has to be moved in say 72 hours. Free has a way of motivating people.

posted by  vwhobo

I've already gave my friend the car, so he can take it off my hands. He was here to help me push it out, when we found the wheels locked. Not sure how the truck will help, because the car is tucked away in the car of my backyard, facing the wall. Plus, I doubt a big truck could fit into the alley. Thanks for the suggestion though.

posted by  Boiler416

If you have a Harbour Freight nearby, they sell these nifty casters that you put under your tires and then just roll the whole thing around any direction you want.

If you want to break that thing loose, you can try loosening the parking brake at the handle. There should be a nut on an adjuster. Take a couple of 2x4s and use them to pry under the rear bumper in such a way as to push the car up and forward or you could back yourself up to the rear bumper and lift and push. I saw that your space is limited, so maybe you can't get a truck in there.

Hope this helps.

posted by  rotus

Well, it's not that the parking brake is stuck. I could put it down. It just seems the wheels are stuck.

I'll check out this casters thingy. Thanks.

posted by  Boiler416

What, is it supposed to be made of jello?

posted by  DodgeRida67

couple of quads and alot of chain or strap. works on people sleeping in the back of vans at sand mountain. :fu: :fu:

posted by  Jeep & K5

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