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Okay fellas, Show me a picture of an idler pulley and A diagram of where my thermostat is located. I thought my thermo was one you just drop in the coolant port but alas it isn't and I got hold of one of those computers you relay into your car at autozone and it said my idler pulley was toast. Someone wanna show me a couple diagrams because I can't find crap on this internet of ours. Thanks guys. By the way I dislike fords.

posted by  wrecked00

He's trying to solve the problem of not being smart enough to find his ass with both hands. See his post history for details.

posted by  vwhobo

Well I suppose this thread is in need of an update, just so the resident hobo can pick out more redundant beastiality claims and incest rants. The car actually had no thermostat present in it when I examined the water pump and hoses, I then installed one. No more overheating. Go figure. The Idler pulley turned out to be rusted as shit and causing my belt to squal and hesitant Idling and almost the occasional stall. Just relplaced that and lubricated it. Problem fixed. I did consult a book in autozone to find these things out. Hobo, get on with your supposed backtalk now. Wouldn't feel like I was postin' if you didn't.

posted by  wrecked00

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