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Hello, all.

I have a '95 geo prizm whose after-factory cd player was stolen along with the cupholders it rested on. I have been told I can't install a new stereo until the cupholders are replaced. Problems are:
1. tried junkyards; the last one told me that the cupholders in prizms are attached to the stereo so basically unless a parts car has an after-factory stereo left in it, I don't have a good shot at finding cupholders

2. the dealer discontinued the part and has 0 inventory

3. can't find them anywhere online.

Any advice on locating cupholders or rigging the stereo, or am I doomed to humming till I get a new car?


posted by  greenae

take yourself to the nearest electronics store, best buy, circuit city, whatever and buy a mounting kit... Worst comes to worst you can always force it in if you feel like cutting into your dash.

posted by  wrecked00

The best buy installation guy told me I'd need the cupholders for the mounting kit. Was he wrong?

posted by  greenae

the cupholders are part of an assembly .there is a little compartment for sunglasses or what have you.i wonder if parts from a 1993 toyota corolla would built these cars for gm.the 1993 dash in the corolla is the same,at least the fan controls,temperature and position.the whole thing comes as one piece.i am sure that you can use the toyota my cupholder would not stay in,i jammed a penny in it and never use it.the guys that put in my after market stereo pinched the cabling for the heater controls.THE only place to take this car in canada is toyota.i work at a gm dealer,but the car was never sold in canada,so the techs know very little.since the car is a 1993 -1997 corolla,take it to uses a 4afe 1.6
dohc engine,my car did not have power steering,or an electric rear window defroster,because it came from has 139000 miles on it and drives
amazing.i have owned 15 cars ,and this one is the best by far.i have a spare transmission and engine with 11000 km on it,(from a 93 corolla written off in 1994).try toyota....cheers
the lobster.

posted by  the lobster

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