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I was involved in an weird type of accident 2 weeks ago. A flat bed truck lost a part of his truck on a major roadway - 7 cars ran over this part me being one of them. Needless to say I had an instant flat tire.

I had the tire & rim replaced. Every since that day the car has not been driving properly. When I hit 40 mph the car feels very tight & it sounds like I am driving on one of those metal draw bridges. If I change lanes it sounds & feels worse & than if I dare increase my speed to 60 mph the noise & feeling is constant.

The feeling & noise can be heard whether you are in the driver or front passenger seat only.

Firestone replaced the tire - told me rim was not damaged. Chevy Dealer/Service told me to take it to a Auto Body shop & have them check for frame damage. The Body shop said there is no frame damage & recommended that I get a wheel alignment. I just had a wheel alignment done the day before the accident & the car rides totally straight so I did not get another alignment done. I took the car to Goodyear & they discoverd my rim was bent - so they gave me a new rim - it still did not solve my problem. I am running out of options & it seems like no one can figure out what is wrong with the car. They feel & hear what I am complaining about - they just don't know what the problem could be.

Anyone have any suggestions????


posted by  LASJFC

If the places you have gone can feel and hear the problem but are unable or unwilling to diagnose it, there are two problems. They are either incompetent or disinterested in you as a customer. Unfortunately for you, this type of thing is almost impossible to nail online. You need someone whe can see, feel and drive the car. My only real advice to you is to steer clear of the stealership and big chain stores like Firestone and Goodyear. Find a small independent shop where you are valued as a customer and will get personal service. Good luck.

posted by  vwhobo

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