'97 saturn sl2 engine problem, can anyone help??!!?

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I have a '97 saturn sl2 twin cam engine, automatic, about 100K mi, on it and when i went to start my car today, it started fine, but when i put it into gear reverse or drive it would start to sputter and then stall. i tried allowing it run in idle thinking it would allow it gain power or clear engine, but no help. it runs fine, yet slightly shaky in park. when i rev engine in park, it emits smoke, checked engine oil, plenty in it and just had oil change a month ago. i have no idea what it may be and when i take it into service i was hoping i would maybe have an idea what could be wrong. also when it i put it into drive/reverse before stalling it shakes horribly and i when i opened the hood i saw the engine appear to be rocking somewhat. can any help me!!!!!

i would appreciate any input!!!

posted by  gphxgrl21

Check engine light? Recent history of repairs? Try starting here http://www.car-forums.com/talk/showthread.php?t=2200 and re-submit.

posted by  vwhobo

I had a problem like that with my saturn and it turned out that it was the ignition wires in my car, they were in the wrong order. its the 4 rubber wires that go in your engine. at the other end of the wires they go into 4 nubs. i don't know what they're called. anywayz, there's a firing order that ur engine does, and it could be in the wrong order. try goin to autozone and ask them for the firing order, that could help.

posted by  javed89

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