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Hi everyone,
I'm stumped, I think I have it but I want to make sure. Yesterday I went outside to start my truck. I had remote started it due to the cold weather we are having. I put my key in the ignition and turned it to the power side of the switch. This is supposed to switch over the starter remote to regular power without going to the starter again while the truck is running. As soon as I turned the key my starter ran while the truck was running. I turned the ignition off but the starter ran down until it killed my battery. I disconnected the battery and recharged it. But as soon as I tryed to connect my wires it started to kick the starter again. there is no key in the ignition and it is turned to the off position. What's up. Is it the starter or the solonoid or what? Please. some direction would be nice. Thanks :ohcrap:

posted by  ladderman1

I am going to assume you have crossed wires somewhere and that the remote was installed improperly. There could be other reasons but this would be the first place I'd look if I had the vehicle.

posted by  Flame Roller

The system has been in place for two years and was working fine. I even unplugged the remote system and still the engine would turn over without the key in the ignition. Could it be the starter? Could it be the ignition?

posted by  ladderman1

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