I feel like comiiting suicide please read.

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Serious shit last week my fiat punto that costme 2000 i added 1500 worth of mods, it was written cause of some evil guy who crashed into my car without reporting it to me or even letting me know so i purchased a renault clio 91 just this morning this guy said to me

1. He said to me it needed to get the thermostat replaced and the car sound be fine from then on ...
So i purchased the car for £400($550) on my way to the garage to get the theromostat replaced it started to overheat steam was coming out of the engine i thought it was the water so i filled it up and it drank the water in two seconds then ten minutes later it would over heat again and the mechanic(after 10 secs of reviewing) said it was a blown head gasket? said it'll cost me 350+ to fix thats more than the car it self am i liable to go to the police and tell them my problem?

as this guy said the thermostat is the ONLY PROBLEM with the car so he lied to me please help i'm runnin outta ideas

posted by  Cornelis

yeh, u can try to file a complaint... next time, have a car checked out before you purchse it. sorry to hear ur story.

posted by  Ki2AY

Buyer beware. The cops can't do anything about it. Sorry. Buy at your own caution. Shoulda taken it for a test drive first.

posted by  Godlaus

Surely Britain has a fair trading act?

posted by  Wally

Sorry, you are screwed. Done deal now.

posted by  DodgeRida67

On the other hand the seller may have been straight with you. It's entirely possible that when you bought the car it only needed a thermostat, but... If you chose to drive it KNOWING that it needed a thermostat and it overheated, dumped cold water into it and perhaps kept driving it, well... Like it or not, YOU might be entirely responsible the blown head gasket. It's too bad more people aren't willing to take responsibility for their actions.

It sounds to me that whether you got ripped off or you blew your own engine, you learned a valuable lesson. Costly but valuable. The best thing you can do is be a man, suck it up and be smarter next time.

posted by  vwhobo

I know you can easily warp a head gasket and blow one running it while overheated, but aren't there signs to figure it out besides looking in the block? Something along the lines of grey thick exhaust emitting from the vehicle and finding traces of oil in the radioator res? Serious question, flame me later.

posted by  wrecked00

I don't flame good questions. Potential signs of a blown head gasket are water in oil, oil in water, overheating, white smoke (steam really) from the tail pipe, difficulty starting, unexplained coolant usage. More serious signs that occur when people push right past these are cracked cylinder head(s), cracked piston(s), bent or broken connecting rod(s), broken crankshaft, damaged starter drive or ring gear, cracked/broken bellhousing (where starter mounts).

Sometimes you can have a tiny burn through and not realize it for quite some time. There are certainly other warning signs, but these are all my old mind can produce right now.

posted by  vwhobo

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