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My 98 civic engine runs like a champ. But a couple of months ago when I would turn on the ac/heat fan it sounded like a bird started chirping. It would get louder and faster as I turned the fan up.
Today it started making a crazy loud grinding, screaming sound that just won't go away. Is there any help for the fan and what does something like that cost to replace?

posted by  marektingal

Sounds like either the bearing in the blower motor is bad or there is something in the blower. You can remove the blower to check it out. Look under the passanger side of the dash to the far right. You will see the bottom of the blower motor (black). There will be an elecrtical connector plugged into it. There are 3 gold colored screws that hold it to the blower housing. 1st, unplug it. Then remove the screws and pull the blower motor straight down. If there is anything in it, you will see it in the white blower cage. Also look up into the blower box at the hole that the motor came from. Look around and make sure that there is nothing there that would rub against the outside of the cage. Also, spin the cage by hand and listen for any bearing noise.
Hope this helps!!!

posted by  zorro

I 2nd ur opnion. :thumbs:

posted by  Carcass

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