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Ok i have a 1990 ford probe 2.2 liters 4 cylinders i was driving it the other day when it just stalled. I took it to the shop, and they told me it was the timing belt which should run me $250 . but then they told me the pully and pistons could be bad and that it would cost me alot!! :ohcrap: and i wont know for sure until i replace the timimg belt. :banghead: so why would i replace the belt if eveything is bad on the engine unless theres a test out there to check it. if not im planing to junk the car. please help im desprete lol and going :screwy:

posted by  ruben

Ruben, here is my professional suggestion to you. GO GET YOUR CAR OUT OF THAT SHOP AS FAST AS YOU CAN! They don't know if there will be damage until they put the new t-belt on? Do these people know how to read? Your engine is most assuredly an interference engine meaning that at the very least you have bent some valves by breaking the timing belt. Time to get out your wallet. But first, get your car back and don't let them touch it under any circumstances. They are looking to charge you for the easy job first (R&R t-belt) then when it doesn't run right charge you again for the top end job. Sorry and good luck.

posted by  vwhobo

Dont listen to this dumbass man. they are pros man they will do a good job. Clearly you dont know shit about what your talking about vwhobo. If you want to give advice do it by not typing anything. ohhhh.. owned... bitch :fu:

posted by  CarEXPERT

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