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We are having problems on our 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan ES AWD van. The power sliding doors often times starts to close, gets almost closed and sealed, and then it opens up as if there was a jam. This can be with either the remote, or the door open/close button.

We have had this to the dealers many times, and now the warranty is out and they will not look at it. I suspect that there is a sensor to detect an object holding the door from closing and is reacting to that.

I have found nothing in the way in the tracks, or the seal area. Is this adjustable? Also it is intermitant.

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posted by  braebyrn

My 2001 GC ES FWD power sliding door will only open about 50% of the time. I press the button(either by the door, on the console, or on the remote) and it pops the door open, but doesn't move it past making it ajar. i've gone back and forth with the dealership and they've replaced the door power module and the motor and it still does the same thing. i think there is just a power problem somewhere really. I replaced my battery with a higher amperage one not too long ago, and everything worked PERFECT for about a week, and then the problems came back. Basically, the bottom line i'm thinking is that the electrical in the car is absolutely horrid.

posted by  saregister

I have had that same problem with my van. What I noticed is that the auto reverse only happens when the car is on a steep grade laterally. I don't know the degree of the grade at which it occurs, but those are the only times I have noticed it happens. Actually it has only occurred on a specific street where I park ocassionally and noticed that the street has a steep curve to it, the center of the street is noticably higher than it is at the curbside. The van leans slightly.

posted by  Grumpy

I notice that nobody has offered a solution to this problem. We bought an 02' 2 weeks ago, and it has the same door issues as all of you have mentioned thus far! Is there any help out there?

posted by  RobAndCan

There are limit switches in the actuator which have had a defect requieing replacement of the actuator. It was repaired on my van under warranty when it was new. This is an expensive out of warranty fix

posted by  tbaxleyjr

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