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Truck is a 99 Dodge Ram 1500.
It's an automatic transmission, and, I don't know the make/model unfortunetly.

When accelerating or upon starting the truck I get white smoke pouring from my exhaust on initial start up or when the truck would normally switch gears.

Sometimes the truck switches smoothly and then other times it refuses to switch at all. If I gun it long enough sometimes it eventually switches gears (followed by a cloud of white smoke.)

I can't manually shift from 1st into 2nd on up but it will drop down. (I guess)

I'm thinking I may have old fluid. I just bought the truck and I can't get a report on it so I have no clue. Try changing the fluid? (I also have crappy mechanical skills.. I do have a book though and I'm alright at following instructions, just don't have like.. knowledge right off the bat) :laughing:

posted by  Cthulhu

Sucks to be you. The smoke and the transmission are two separate issues. If you want more information on the what, how and why I can supply you with an excellent source for information, just PM me.

posted by  vwhobo

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