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I'm Having Problems With My 2000 Toyota Corolla.
It Is Burning 2 Quarts Of Oil Every Two Days . I Have
Been Told By Different Technicians That The Problem Is In The
Valve Stem Seals could there be anything else that has gone bad because of this problem??????

posted by  LUCKY7

Insufficent information. Start here http://www.car-forums.com/talk/showthread.php?t=2200 and try it again. I mean come on, how far do you drive in two days, 15 or 1,500 miles?

posted by  vwhobo

If you have the maechanical inclination to do this, try it, Get a compression tester, spark plug socket, 6" extention and a rachet, also need a quart of oil.

Remove spark plug, install compression tester, crank engine for 5-8 seconds (you will need two people for this proceedure), record pressure achieved from cylinder

remove compression tester, pour very small amount of oil into cylinder, carefull to NOT pour it everywhere, replace compression tester, crank engine for another 5-8 seconds.

Repeat process on all cylinders.

If new pressure readings are drastically higher than the first time (with out oil added), your piston rings might be bad. also refer to dealer or manual for proper compression.

it very well could be your valve seals, but give this a spin too.

posted by  Jeep & K5

If youve gotten second opinions from mechanics than why ask here?

posted by  Oomba

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