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I have a little shocking problem that I seemed to have got myself into. I hope you guys can diagnose my problem. Hopefully I listed the most descriptive points in an appropriate manner.

I have a Mazda 95 mx6 V6 manual.

Initial action to cause problem:

My car power antenna was broken so I replaced it with an equivalent power antenna. I did not disconnect the positive lead from the battery before I began. I believe my key was on ACC or the equivalent, or possibly the ignition was completely off. After I installed the new antenna and connected the leads properly I asked my wife turn the car on.

After that:

-my alpine radio did not work the only thing I could see was a red light and it flashed in sequence with the red dummy door open light on the dash when the door closed

-my interior lights did not word as well as the door light.

-my power locks and remote entry did not work

-my cigarette lighter did not work

-obviously the antenna did not work either

The weird symptoms were:

-when I tried to turn on one of the interior lights the light turned on slightly ( dimly ) pulsed then went dead.

-sometimes when the door is closed the red dummy light is on (while the car is on )
if I open the door and close the door the light will pulse then turn off

-the car runs fine and operates appropriately

I made sure to check all the fuses and picked up a chiltons book on my car but of course it does not have the wiring diagram for the items described.

posted by  notnuftime

You can't always tell if a fuse is blown by looking at it and need to pick up a fuse tester for a few bucks at any auto parts store.
I did the same thing on my 93 MX6 and had the identical symptoms. It was the 15 amp fuse at the bottom middle of the panel.

posted by  south40ks

What on earth is a fuse tester? All you need is a test light to check fuses, ground it and touch both metal parts on the top of the fuse. If they're both live, it's good, if one's live and one's dead, no good, if they're both dead, it's just not getting power (not a fuse problem) ie. key not on... wiring fried.

Check them with a test light if you already didn't do so, fuses can tell you a lot about a car.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

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