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i have a 95 ford escort and after installing a cd player i now have a wierd problem. my heater keeps blowing even after i shut of the car and remove the keys. also the daytime running lights stay on unless i pull the ebrake. ive pulled the cdplayer and made sure the wires were seperated but that didnt help. ive checked every fuse. the instrument cluster dimmer wont dim anymore either. what could i have shorted out to cause the heaterto still have power after the car is off? any help would be appreciated. also does anyone know how or what i would replace to make my dimmer dim again? thx

the real draderman

posted by  myfordescort

for the dimmer.. there is a fuse for it . behind left side of instrument panel.. left of steering column. then the wires at the stereo red and red/black.. these two wires need to be open or conneted to a lightbulb. those two wires power ur old stereo lights when u switch the headlights on.
as for ur blower moter being on without keys is a big goof on ur side. it runs off a "hot in run" curcuit. meaning to get ur problem, i would have to give constant power to ur blower motor and grounding the other wire bypassing the fan switch. good luck man

posted by  thongsai

The only "big goof" is the person in front of your keyboard. Just when you almost sound as though you might have some useful information, it get's lost in a sea of bullsh*t. How about trying again, except this time try answering his questions in a clear and concise manner.

posted by  vwhobo

wtf r u talking about? i explained the dimmer lights problem. and i couldnt explain the blower moter part..

posted by  thongsai

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