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Hi all, I have a 1987 honda accord lx 4 door with 2.0 i bought for my little girl.It is carb. with automatic tranny. Motor was bad so bought a motor out of a 89 honda accord from junk yard. Used my intake and carb so i would not have to mess with vacume lines to much. Here is where my problem starts. get it in and the car will not idle. The car will not run below 2000 rpm and has a strong smell of raw gas by carb. have checked all the vacum hoses, seem good cleaned carb and put in new seal kit. Took it to local honda dealer he said he was not sure but would cost between 400 and 700 dollars to fix he was thinking. Bought another carb at junk yard and it did the exact same thing so im thinking maybe not in carb also has a new fuel pump runs good at any speed above 40 mph but does have a small miss. new plugs wires and cap. Honda says it runs fine on propane just will not idle fuel mix is to rich. It is not affect to much by weather but will run eaiseir before it gets warmed all the way up. Any ideals on what im missing here folks would greatly help. thanks :banghead:

posted by  chevyplz

Other than the vacuum lines possibly xed up.I would check air temp sensor,oxy sensor and map sensor. I am in noway a mechanic, but, there are a few on here that can get you lined out.

posted by  lectroid

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