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Hey Guys,
i have a 2003 Ford Fiesta 1200cc 16v and i just bought a resistence that should give some kind of hp.
This thing should be put on the IAT (Intake Air Temperature) also called AAT or ACT, but i can't find out where this friking thing is.
Can anyone tell me how to find out this sensor, or better, send me a picture of that please, because i tryed to find it out by unmounting the entire air box, and it was already a mess, but i can easily do it again whenever it shoud be necessary to have this horse power more.
For instance, i found this little thing on Ebay and everybody are giving good suggestion, so...
Thank's for Helping

posted by  crzn

I wouldnt trust it.look for a cold air intake if u want real power gains...

posted by  99hatch

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