1991 Lumina 3.1 stalling problem

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I have changed the TPS, MAT/IAT sensor, and the IAC valve that were showing up on the diagnostics. It has new plugs and wires. The previous owner had supposedly changed the fuel pump and filter. I have also replaced the oil pressure sending unit. As previously stated, it will run ok until it warms up and will stall in all the forward gears but not in reverse. It is an automatic transmission.

posted by  Don Meagher

I have had the same problem with a 90 Lumina - runs great when it runs and then stalls out with no warning! The mechanic changed the "brain" and says he thinks it's fixed

posted by  olddude

The Engine Is Moving In An Opposite Direction When Stalling In Forward,could It Be A Bad Wiring Harness,that Is Only When There Is Torque.if It Was My Car,i Would Check The Ignition Driver Module And The 3 Coil Packs.,and Also The Wiring Harness.

posted by  the lobster

if the problem is when the car is warmed up then it night be the catalic converter, mabey the car might be getting too hot too, i normally put a lower temp thermostat in my cars if i have any heating problems but theres a good posibilty it could be the brain trying to malfunction, if thats the case it too may be getting hot due to the electrical and may have heated the solder loose inside, you can take it out and see if all your soulder points are good, take it apart and try to move the clips where ther soildered, if they move then you can buy a souldering iron and some electrical soulder for under $ 20 then just tuch up the souldering pionts!

posted by  donaldnjamie

Huh? How does an engine move in an opposite direction? Check the ignition module.

posted by  srober32

Why not just solder the hole thing solid? :screwy: DO NOT try to solder the connections in the ECM because you may short one or more of them out and void any warranty on the part.

posted by  srober32

the 3.1 is a transverse mount .that means that it torques in one direction,and in reverse it will cause a different torque. HOWEVER ,having another look at this problem...... what if the SAFETY NEUTRAL SWITCH IS BAD ? the switch is wired in series with the ignition and starter circuit.IF THE CASE OF THE SWITCH IS CRACKED,it could be going open when the transmission gets hot.but considering how many times these engines go through ignition modules,i would do that first.if the module that drives the coil pack goes bad,it can trigger all these other circuits,and make it hard to find.....

posted by  the lobster

Why would they wire the neutral ss into the ignition, not trying to be an ass here but having it in the starter circuit makes sense but not in the ignition, seems like a waste of time and materials.

posted by  srober32

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