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My wife recently had her 95 Accord blow an oil seal on a balance shaft. She virtually ran it out of oil, but not quite. Engine still had enough oil to run, but nothing was on the dip stick. Had the car towed, and seals, timing belt, and water pump replaced by a nearby general everyday shop.

Immediately after this work, the engine has a detonation knock or ping under even moderate throttle and the engine cuts out at about 4500 RPM as though you hit the rev limiter fuel cutoff.

Is this due to the timing belt being off a tooth or two?

Is this because there is more significant damage somewhere in the engine?

You can cruise at 70 if you want, but any hill causes knock and don't you dare try to pass someone on a two lane!

Suggestions welcome.

posted by  beanie

I would probably start with, as you guessed, the timing belt installation. Verify that the belt was properly installed with regard to camshaft-to-crankshaft timing.

posted by  cpprioli

I agree..The 4,500 rpm fuel cut off that sounds like a fuel cut off is a fuel cut off..You're powertrain control module was trown into 'limp home mode" proably because the timing is way out. The pcm see's that and goverend you to 4,500 rpm as to save some internal engine parts. It also let's you use the car (i dont recomend running it until the timing is properly adjusted ) if u really need to.

Also look ontop of the dizzy...theyre should be a harness of wires. If any of these are cut or damaged the limp mode will kick in along with the symptoms you described...

posted by  99hatch

I was afraid so. This is just great. I already asked the garage if they would verify that the work was done correctly, they claim it is. Now I have to get a second opinion somewhere else, pay for that, and confront the original garage. This will be most unpleasant.

posted by  beanie

It absolutly sounds like one of the timing belts are not lined up properly. Either the main belt, or the balancer belt. If they refuse to recheck and repair, I would tell them you are going to bring it somewhere else and have it look at and if it is related to something they did, that you are going to give them the bill. Tell them if they refuse, you will take them to small claims court. Doesn't sound like a very reliable repair shop if they refuse to fix thier own mess ups.
Hope this hepls!!!

posted by  zorro

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