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hi all, i have a 99 chevy lumina 3.1L v6, my prob is that the check engin light stays on then starts blinking, while this is happening it starts missfireing and running realy bad, then it goes away for a while then comes back, changed plugs, plug wire, coilpack, put heet in gas, checked wireing and cleaned injectors, any one have any clue as to what might be going on with it? any help would be great, chiltons book cant help me, also trouble codes pop up here they are p1381c p0300b p1111c p1381c p1637 p1653d, the codes i ran off the scaner are not in my chiltom book at all, helllllp please... i want to go from this :banghead: to this :thumbs:

posted by  christopherluch

OBD-II codes follow a standardized format, with various parts of the code providing certain information. The "P" indicates that these are powertrain codes. For most of the codes that you listed, the next digit is a "1", which makes those codes manufacturer-specific (not generic SAE) codes. The third digit indicates the general area of the fault -- look here for more information (http://www.obdii.com/dtcanatomy.html) -- within the overall system.

Identifying the specific "P1" codes that you have will likely require a factory service manual or its equivalent, though you may have some luck searching the web for the individual codes.

posted by  cpprioli

p0300 - random misfire
p1111 - iat intermittent high voltage
p1637 - generator L terminal circuit
p1653 - low engine oil lamp control circuit

posted by  thongsai

have you recently messed with your altinator?
i would have it checked while you are at it

posted by  monteofdoom

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