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Where i live it is really, really cold weather right now. I didnt drive my car for a few days and now it wont start. i had to get a couple boosts already this winter so i thought the problem was my battery. My car would not turn over or boost or anything and so i decided to replace the battery. Now that there is a new battery my car still wont start! i thought maybe it needed some gasline antifreeze but even after i put some of that in it still wont start. It turns over and sounds like it will almost start. Could it be my altenator that is bad or could the car sitting in the really cold weather for about a week be why it wont start. What are signs of a bad altenator?

posted by  desireed

It sounds like your car just has a lot of miles on it and it needs some type of heat to get it going like a block heater or if your on a tight budget a dipstick tube heater for the oil is a good cheap way to go and you can buy it at a local parts store.

posted by  thecarguy25

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