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Anyone has any idea how to design(or modify from traditional wrench) a car nut wrench to open nuts, no matter how tight the nuts are?
thx much!!!

posted by  weikeatgoh

Well start by looking in the introduce yourself section, using it and then maby explaining WTF an open nut is? :hi:

(or is this an american name for something? :screwy: )

posted by  2002_EVO_VII

So the lugz are really tight?? get a torque bar or in maine a big wrench and use it for more torque when your trying to pry off , if it feels like the nut is going to snap stop amnd either wd-40 , real oil , or if their rusty theres some rust remover ( not wd-40) that just removes rust really well. i think its mr. something.

posted by  MonteMan

If penetrine doesn't work borrow/buy a nut splitter.

posted by  Wally

Best and most efficient way is to use an impact. If you don't have an impact, just grab a 1" pipe that's about 2 or 3 feet long and put some torque on 'er. If you don't have either, not really the best way, bust still works, grab a 5lb or so hammer and rap the end of the wrench.

If it comes out dirty, or if the stud's rusty, go to your local auto store and buy some nut buster, don't spray any on the lug itself, just the threads. Spray the threads again before you put the lug back on, prevents rust and it makes it go on much smoother -- No cross-threading.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

these are all very effective ways. but if you don't wanna wait over night(soaking them over night) get a big ass peice of pipe and put it on the end of the wrench, cheater bar as described above and just stand on the damn thing. who cares if they break, you probably need new ones anyway if it's that rusted or that tight, and never put lubricant on wheel studs nuts or bolts, you cant achieve accurate torque with lubricated threads

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

You can't get accurate torque? What? Torque isn't made from resistance of the threads, it's from the pressure applied to the flat surface. From the nut or bolt. You're supposed to lubricate wheel studs every time you take off the nuts. It's easier to get accurate torque with lubricated threads, the nut will tighten more smoothly.

I do agree with the fact that who cares if they break, as any mechanic says "Gotta get it off", and if that means breaking the bolt, so be it.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

every vehicle manufacturer on earth specifies dry threads if you can find one that doesn't i would gladly hear it

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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