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I have a 93 honda accord and the clutch went straight to the floor this morning. I also had to use foot to lift it.

is this a NEW clutch for my honda or can it be fixed other ways.

thanks for the help


posted by  Graphic Tiger

check for fluid level in clutch reservoir, (not the brake) check if the slave cylinder pushes the release fork for the clutch. if all works good, possible pressure plate is going soft, and clutch may be going bad.

posted by  doug wong

for some reason i feel i should tell you this cuz someone came in with the same problem.... except he asked 3 of his friends what fluid to put in and they all said ATF was ok for it. DO NOT PUT ATF in your clutch reservoir please. it should say the proper fluid on the cap or when in doubt use dot 3 or dot 4 brake fluid

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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