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asked earlier, but maybe didn't give enough info...

I have a 1993 honda accord (5 speed) 6 cyl. This morning I went to push clutch in and it went straight to floor and didn't come back up. Is this a fluid issue or a whole new clutch.

if it's a fluid issue where can I find area to add more fluid to get clutch pumped back up

thanks for the help and sorry for double post. Newby here!!


posted by  Graphic Tiger

slave cylinder is located on the side of the transmission just about middle area where the engine connects to trans bell housing. check the clutch resevoir first, besure it is full, then have someone step on the clutch pedel slowly and see if the slave cyliner pushes the release fork. if you go into auto zone, list your car, go to repairs, and expand the picture, you can see where all the parts are. also could be your clutch master cylinder, if no fluid, all need to be bled.

posted by  doug wong

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