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I am interested in learning to restore trucks. I already have a truck, a 1955 Ford International, but I dont know where to start, or how to start. So I think my first job would be to figure out what needs restoring, a sort of checklist that i can use to figure out what i need to restore. But to be honest, I dont know how to tell what needs restoring when it comes to internal parts(the body is a bit more obvious).

posted by  happycamper2233

Congratulations. Might I suggest the first place to start is by finding out what kind of truck you have. Ford and International are two seperate companies that made trucks in the olden days.

'55 Ford


'55 International


posted by  vwhobo

Thanks for the advice, it is a 1953 International Pickup R-series(cant remember exact number, something like 110 . So now any suggestions on what to do next?

posted by  happycamper2233

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