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I have Mistibushi eclipse 92,milage around 120K.
transmission - Auto.
4 cylinder.

My problem is that it start witout any problem but when I try to drive ,it doesn't.
I mean even on full acceleration ,it doesnt move.after 30-40 minutes ,it drive perfect,without any problem.
this problem start last month ,after snow.Is this related to cold.and this proble usually happens once in a day .that is in the morning.

I dont know much about cars,so sorry if I could not explain in technically.I am student so dont want to spend much money.
Is their any cheap solution or my car is going toward end.

someone please tell me what is the problem?
thanks :thumbs:

posted by  viks

Hi guys

I solved my problem myself,just posting for others .
it was problem due to transmission fluid.
after putting 4 bottles ,its running greaaaaaaaaaaaat :clap:

posted by  viks

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