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I've got a 1990 Buick Electra Park Ave. Now with the colder weather Upstate New York Is experienceing. with windchills and so fourth I really notice that my car does not blow to much hot air at all. To be honest it has alway's felt luke warm, Like getting in to a tub that is not hot enough. Anyway. Does anyone have any ideas on what might be wrong with it not heating up like it should?? It does not seem to blow very fast either when it is on high but that might just be the way it is for this kinda car.

Dan :thumbs:

posted by  mercuryman

More than likely you have a 180o thermostat.You can replace it with a 192/195o or maybe a 200o if available for the engine. Till you do that, you can block the airflow by placing some type of obstruction in front of the radiator (piece of cardboard)is what I always did. Does your car have climate control?

posted by  lectroid

Lectroid is on the right track. start with the thermostat.
a couple of other options if that don't work,
1.make sure it's full of coolant
2.make sure the heater doors are opening and closing(does it switch to defrost or vent, and does the heat range selector work... does it go really cold if you set it to really cold)
3.if anyone has quick fixed a coolant leak in your engine with bargs seal leak stopper or powdered mustard(heater core orifices are very small and plug very easily) maybe have a shop flush your heater core

hope any of this helps

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

did you happen to fix that problem yet??

i too have the same problem with my heater,, it started happening right after my heater core was replaced.

i get good heat but a bad flow(speed) of air through the vents.

i havnt looked into it yet, im supposed to be doing that in a few days when its a little warmer outside to work on it,,
if i happen to figure what was wrong with it ill let you know maybe its the same problem.

few people i know have said these things that might be wrong with it:
- could be a door thats not fully opening
- a wire connection wasnt put back after the heater core was replaced
- a hole in my vacuum cause it makes a slight whistle sound when switching between vent, defrost, and foot vent
- or a tube is not connected properly and/or clogged

but like i said ill check all those when i look into it in a few days

posted by  Rad1

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