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First off, I have a 1987 Chevy G-Van

My story: (I'll try and keep it short)
'The Van' was stolen over christmas :banghead: merry xmas to me...anyways, they busted the plastic housing around the steering column and just used a pair of pliers or somthin to pull back the 'lever' that initiates the ignition. When it was recovered the battery was dead, seems as if they had left the ignition in the 'on' position and thats what drained the battery.

So I charged the battery for a few hours and tried to ghetto start the thing the same way 'they' did and it just clicked. I then tried to jump it and it still clicks. The headlights are bright and all the buzzers and lights in the dash are working when the ignition is turned on but then when i try to actually start it the damn thing just clicks. (did I mention it clicks…haha)

What could be the problem? the only things i could think of were: 1. The battery is just shot 2. The solenoid is burnt out (but i wouldn't think it would still click if that was the case) 3. or the starter has gone bad (i didn't have ANY problems with the starter before it was stolen)

If any one could give me any suggestions it would be much appreciated :mrgreen:

posted by  Pickel

most mid-year gm vehicles have a pin on the left side of the steering column that is what they used to start the thing. So the idea of having the ignition in the on position is shot out the window since the pin is acting like the ignition when pulled. I grew up in the ghetto and that is who we used to joy ride, then slap 20 bucks on the dash so they can get a new steering column from the local junk yard. With you saying that when you charge the battery and you have bright lights and a loud buzzer when the door is open is also telling you that the battary is fully charged. But the battery could still be the problem. Mine did the same thing clicked and lights were bright, and for shits and giggles I threw my girlfriends battery low and behold it worked. If not could be the solenoid or ignition.

posted by  ~SK~

damn, what basterds, they didn't even leave a dub on the dash :cussing:

After posting on another forum as well, all the feedback is pointing to a toss up between the battery and starter.

posted by  Pickel

Really don't think it would be the starter, but maybe the solenoid. Doubt the battery if it wont jump. :2cents:

posted by  lectroid

soooooooooooooo It wasn't the battery. I took it in to get tested and while it was low, it wasn't shot. They put a charge on it so should be good to go. Next step is the starter/solenoid, that bitch is buried, van's are not fun to work on :ohcrap:

posted by  Pickel

soooooooooo I took the starter out, had it tested and its fine. Burned a whole day on that adventure. Don't know what direction to go now :ohcrap: Does anyone have another suggestion?

posted by  Pickel

Hey, I dont really know about car's
Only 14 :(
But Could it be the timer?
Maybe one of the timer's wire came out and thats y?
I remeber
My Van wouldent start up causes of a wire he replaced it and put the timer in wrong and it dident start up still and wasted a day fixing it but Hey what do i Know :P :banghead:

posted by  FordExploders

First i'd get the ignition replaced , second had the same problem with the starting the other day , get a jumper pack and literally hold the key in the start position. it took me about 10 minutes becuase mine froze up. i'd first go with ignition though that would porlly screw it over

posted by  MonteMan

did u try titining up the wires to the battery? turn on you lights and try and start it if your lights DONT go dim tighten up the batery cables

posted by  talongod33

Put a breaker bar on the vibration dampner nut and see if you can turn the engine. If not, the engine is siezed.

posted by  FreddieVee

sometimes a bad battery cable can cause that problem. Be sure there is no corrosion on the terminal post or where the cable attaches to the terminal. Especially the ground.
clean everything well with a fully charged battery installed and give it a try. Good luck!

posted by  madgreenback

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