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i have had an 89 ford tempo for about 5 months. it runs fine 92000 miles, and it has stalled a few times here an there. but most recent, when i start driving the car there is a loud squeal. when i hit 2nd the car stops making the noise. but when i start slowing down and about in 1st it does it again. im guessing its a belt! ive looked at it an there is a lot of rubber missing. there are patches where rubber is gone and patches were its all there. How the hell do i fix it, if thats the problem.and also when i start my car i have to turn it over twice. most of the time i have to wait for a certain noise, might be a pump. help if you can.

posted by  Brazy

change them the belts that is...or get your girlfriend out from under your hood... :laughing:

it is the belts...which also woud cause the car to stall

posted by  ~SK~

yeah, replace the belts. if you can bend it, and there are cracks that appear, then it's time to replace it.

posted by  Godlaus

Alright you ready, I too own of these.... Exact same make and model with the exact same problem. It's the fan.... whole ****ing problem stems from the fan. When they put the fans in those damn things they gave you a shitty ass fan motor. It wears down belts and pulleys. You're going to want to get a new v-belt, one made to fit a car with air conditioning... Next you're going to need to get a new idle pulley, as the bearing tends to go out every 80,000 miles. The stalling is what happens when your idle pulley gets stuck and misses a beat, the squealing from the same pulley wearing about the bearing in your alternator pulley. This is usually a 75 dollar fix... New pulleys, grease and clean the hell out of them, new belt, and you're set. Takes about an hour and a half to fix thoroughly.. Just a crappy fan motor... Want to surpise yourself... See what your serpentine belt controls on the car. It controls every moving piece except trans and axles lol. Fan motor kicks on and off, wears out bearings, throws idle off, idle gets thrown off and misaligns alternator belt and pulley and wears down alternator pulley bearings. It's some bullsheet I know.

posted by  wrecked00

I honestly cannot believe that I am reading this complete and utter nonsense!

The Tempo has a transverse mounted engine and uses an electrically-operated cooling fan. The cooling fan has nothing what so ever to do with the engine drive belt(s). As such, it is EXTREMELY unlikely that any belt noises and/or failures would be caused by the fan motor, crappy or otherwise!

Pulley misalignment can cause belt failure, as can seizure of any of the rotating members driven by the belt. Applying grease to a drive belt is NOT a recommended procedure, and can in fact lead to premature belt failure as well.

Start out by removing the belt and checking each of the rotating members for any obvious problems such as bent or loose pulleys. Rotate each of the pulleys in turn and watch them for wobble as you do so. As you rotate each pulley, notice if it turns smoothly. Try to wiggle each of them up and down and side to side. Using a straightedge placed across the face of the crankshaft pulley, check the others for longitudinal alignment with the crank pulley. Any wobble, roughness, wiggle, or misalignment is cause for concern.

Solving ANY problem in a timely and efficient manner requires a reasoned and logical troubleshooting approach. Of course, it certainly helps to have a working knowledge of the systems involved and how (if at all) those systems relate to each other... :)

posted by  cpprioli

OK -- Now that I've thought about it some more, maybe I should add something...

I suppose that it is possible for the fan motor to cause a belt squeal, and possibly even for it to cause stalling, but I still maintain that it should not readily cause belt failure. Here's how the squealing and stalling are possible:

If the fan motor's current draw was to be extremely high, it could potentially cause the alternator to suddenly shift to maximum output, which in turn can cause belt slippage, especially if the belt tension is insufficient to begin with. Similarly, such sudden massive current draw can also cause a sag in the vehicle's supply voltage, potentially dropping it low enough to cause the ignition system to drop out, resulting in an apparent engine stall.

How likely any of this is to occur I couldn't say. What I can say is that if this is suspected, the current draw of the fan motor should be checked promptly. Increased current draw can be caused by several factors, most of which are indicators of imminent motor failure.

posted by  cpprioli

yeah now that you've thought about it some more.... Blow me. I'm right. I own the pos car I do know about it. Okay. Great.

posted by  wrecked00

So if you own the car, diagnose and repair it correctly -- don't just stick a band-aid on it, and certainly don't advise others to do the same! :)

posted by  cpprioli

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