95 W Jetta dashboard light.

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I just baught this car and everything is working fine except for the dashboard light( i can't see my speed, rpms or gas level at night).
i checked the manual for fuses but none of them talks about dashboard light.
your help will be immensely appreciated. :clap:

posted by  krukaze

First off, make sure that the panel lights are not simply "dimmed" to the point of being turned off. Check the headlight switch and/or its vicinity for a panel dimmer control and make sure that it is in its full "bright" position. Watch for other lighting to be affected -- radio, heater control panel, etc. If such effect is noted, the fuse, switch and rheostat are likely OK, leaving the most likely cause of your problem to be failed bulbs in the instrument cluster.

posted by  cpprioli

yea most likely dead bulb if its just the panel lights.. but if its also ur other interior lights that suppose to light with the headlights, then is power or ground problem.
the ground for those lights is located behind fuse relay panel.. brn wire.

posted by  thongsai

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