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I have a 94 Saturn SC2 DOHC,1.9 liter with a manual transmission. It has 145,000 miles on it and has only had a wheel bearing and a radiator go on it to date. It doesn't have an oil cunsumption problem like most Saturns. I have an acceleration problem. In neutral the engine revs freely. This problem has just started yesterday. When I accelerate, the engine feels as though it is under load. The engine bogs and the car bucks a small bit like the RPMs aren't high enough. On the freeway it feels as though there are gusts of wind hitting the car. When I hit the accelerator hard, the car gradually speeds up and it sounds like there is hissing sound like wind hitting the car real hard. When I lift off the gas, the car coasts as normal. The engine doesn't sputter or feel like it's missing. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

posted by  968racer

My brother had a similar problem.

Does the car rev all the way to redline?

Does it rev as fast as normal?

When the car is running stand over the engine bay with the hood open, do you smell excess exhaust?

Does the rushing wind sound come from the exhaust anywhere?

posted by  Zalight

I tired taking it to redline on the freeway. It goes up to 4,000 RPM. No more and she seems to be fighting to reach that almost like 4000 RPM is the redline.

I don't think it revs as fast as normal.

I do smell a little bit of exhaust but not terrible.

It's hard to tell where the rushing wind comes from. It seems to happen more prominent while driving. I had the drive door open when I was reving the engine and couldn't hear it as much or tell where it was coming from. I think your on to something.

posted by  968racer

yeah, this happened to my brother exactly:
http://www.focaljet.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php?Cat=0&Board=UBB2&Number=241 6471110&Searchpage=1&Main=2416471110&Words=+Binzes&topic=&Search=true#Post2 416471110
thats how we fixed it, beat the crap out of the cat until it was clean.
then again you have to pass emissions, so up to you how to fix it, maybe replacing the cat.

posted by  Zalight

Had a similar problem on a 93 SL2. If previous suggestions haven't worked, check the upper and lower motor mounts and tranny mount. They have been known to shrink and or break. You can tell by having someone switch transmission from forward to reverse a few times, to see if top of engine rocks back and forth(with parking and e-brake on fully)...if so, it may be effectively changing the position of the shift points and acceleration cable under torque, and returning them to normal under a no-load condition. had all 3 mounts broken at one time, also had to replace catalytic convertor on different occasion for similar symptom.

posted by  mrbitwrench

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