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I bought a 1999 Infinity G20, automatic. Last year (Feb.2004) it started with a weir pulsation that I could feel on brakes pedal, staring wheel, gas pedal, and chassis. In fact, at low speeds, the car feels like a jeep. When I slow down (not pushing brakes) or reverse and I turn the steering wheel all the way, it really feels like going up and down (one side of the car going up while the other side goes down). The dealer changed rear rotors, turned front ones, change pads, aligned, balanced and rotated tires…they did everything to those poor brakes. After I got my car back, this annoying pulsation was still there. I left the car there for one more week and they finally got ride of the pulsation but replacing the “THROTTLE POSITION SWITCH”. A year later, the pulsation is back.

I took it to another dealer, which fix the brakes, rotate and aligned the tires and the pulsation is still there. I never told them about the throttle switch theory, and this new dealer’s conclusion was that tires need to be changed. I really do not know what to do. Tires are very expensive and if I change them and the vibration persists, it may be the throttle switch again, which should last more than a year. Finding out what is causing this pulsation will be very expensive. Please, with all your knowledge, would you guess the cause? .

Have you heard of this kind of vibrations before? I have check for recalls and similar cases on the net, but I have found nothing that resembles my case.

Thank you.


posted by  jschrader

Based upon your description of the problem and the series of attempted repairs, I am guessing that you are describing this problem (to the repair shops) as a vibration in the car while braking -- or at least that is what the shops are "hearing" as you describe the problem. However, you state that there is some sort of problem -- vibration, bouncing, whatever (I can't really determine what from your description) during coast deceleration. This would seem to take the braking system out of the equation, and instead opens up a bunch of other possibilities.

Have the motor and transmission mounts checked, and have the system checked for powertrain trouble codes. The problem almost sounds like you are describing "trailer hitching" -- best described as cyclical fluctuations in engine speed during deceleration. This in turn can cause jarring of the entire vehicle, which if it is severe enough, can lead to premature failures in many areas, including engine mounts and CV joints.

I suspect that the shops who have worked on this car, while well-meaning, have been looking in the wrong area, possible led there by your description of the problem. Have any of the technicians or service writers test-driven the car and experienced the vibration for themselves?

posted by  cpprioli

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