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I purchase my personal vehicles from tow yards. Cheap enough so if major repair occurs I just junk. My little Civic is a sweet thing but sometimes needs a little affection and so she shows it by doing something a little irritating. Kind of like a couple of my ex-wives. This doesn't sound like much but this time the primary lock on the hood release appears to be frozen. I have tried the internet and today went to four different garages to try to get the hood up. Once I get it up I believe a little squirt of WD40 will solve the problem.

None of the garages had any idea what to do. I can only wonder what they do when the occasional cable breaks. I came home and was pretty frustrated. I have spent hours trying to figure out how to at least reach inside to spray the primary. I took off the grill and the side lights to no avail. Tonight I tried to get the fender off and after removing the side lights and all visible bolts I found that there are two bolts which attache the fender coming from the inside of the engine compartment.

Does anybody have any idea how to get the hood up? Right now I'm going to fix myself a strong drink. I need it.

posted by  mremancan

My CRX has asimilar problem, when I pull on the hood release inside the car nothing happens. What I have to do is pull on the hood release latch in my car while a friend pulls up on the hood. Then I can go around front and open the hood like normal.

posted by  Zalight

No, unfortunatly not. I went to three garages and one body shop day before yesterday and all of the guys who looked at it just kind of scratched their heads and said to leave the car and they will put it on the rack to see if they can fix it. I was pretty surprised because surely people have their cables break so it seems like any garage should have experience in opening the hood.

posted by  mremancan

Appreciate the thought but it would not work. I have spent four or five hours off and on trying everything. Includes using a long screw driver to unjam the primary lock, taking off the grill (would not work because primary is behind radiator), taking the fender off (got all outside bolts off before I realized that there are two bolts coming from the engine compartment). It would appear that I have 2 choices. Cut the bolt at the hinge or else cut a square hole above where the primary lock is then put a small square steel piece over the hole.

posted by  mremancan

This might be a little tough to do, but in light of everything else you've done, it might not be so bad. Try to get under the front of the car and remove the lower splash shield. Get a light and look up towards the latch. It will be a little tricky to see. I think you should be able to see where the cable attaches to the latch. Try to pry at the latch in that area with a long screwdriver. I've done this before, but like I said, it's a little tricky.
Hope this helps!!!

posted by  zorro

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