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hello, i've got a daewoo 96 cielo, and just today it died on me. i been recently having a little trouble with it (not serious) just that everytime i fill the car with water, it seems like it wants more. poured some anti freeze in the car, but the water just gets hotter. now when i went to turn on the car, it wont go on at all, it makes a pulse feeling, like smoke wants to get out of the exhaust pipe but the pipe is covered.plus oil seems to leak out of no where. I'm a female who has no idea in cars. what happened to it? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!! :ohcrap:

posted by  j8zel

so what is the exhaust pipe covered with? and when you add the water/antifreeze does it leak on the ground, how fast does the oil leak out? my suggestion would be find a good garage and make some friends in the garage. but b4 anyone goes charging you lotsa dough ask alot of why's and how's

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

well, the pipe really isn't covered with anything, it was just that i couldn't describe it well. the antifreeze wasn't leaking out at all, that was the problem, no water was leaking but it was always thirsty. the oil stick (when i check the oil)has spots on them. thankx for your suggestion, i guess i will have to pay alot of $$$ in the end.


posted by  j8zel

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