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I started having problems when the weather turned cold. Yesterday my truck would not turnover I thought it was a battery problem so had it tested and autosource said it tested fine so I tried the battery again and the it would not turn over. The lights and all came on strong but when I tried to start it would only make one click and that was it. Is this my starter? Will a starter work sometimes and other times not? Does it just go bad all at once. I went ahead and purchased a new battery anyway thinking maybe it didn't have enough cold weather cranking amps and still the same thing. Please advise!

posted by  rolling187

Hey I have a similar problem, and instead of starting another thread i'll just post it here.

I started my car this morning to let it warm up, then came inside to fill my mug with coffe for the road, when I went back out my car was dead. This didn't surprise me because my car can't idle and stalls quite often. But what did surprise me is now my car wont start. I can still turn on the lights and all my electrical works, which tells me it isn't a dead battery and jumping wont help it. Every time I try to start it it just wont start I turn the key and absolutley nothing happens. No starter whining, no beeping, nothing. The same thing happens if I try to put the car into gear and start it, but now its dfoing this in neutral and park. Whats the story?

Any help for either of us would be greatly appreciated.

posted by  Zalight

My problem was my starter! Cost 129.00 and took about an 1 1/2 to replace, problem was I don't have a garage and limited space under my truck but works fine now.

posted by  rolling187

I guess i'll try and replace the starter, see if that helps.

posted by  Zalight

try to be sure your getting a good connection to the battery. check for corrosion or loose terminal post.

posted by  madgreenback

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