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Hey everyone, I have a 89 honda accord and ever since i bought the car a few months ago, the cigarette lighter doesn't work, so i finally took on the task of fixing it. I took out the lighter and saw that it was rusted inside, so i replaced it with a new one, and the lighter still didn't work, i finally looked where the wiring was coming from behind the lighter, and saw that it was corroded. It look as if someone dropped their coke all over the lighter or something. Would it be cheaper to just wire the cigarette lighter from another source? like the battery? Would wiring it to the battery mean that it will always be on? Please help!


posted by  jmeadows

yea.. i would put a fuse 15A on the lighter circuit. use a fog light relay to have that circuit go live during key on. and ur set.

posted by  thongsai

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