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I've got a 97 Civic EX 5-Speed that seems to be computer limited to 95mph top speed. 5th gear is running at 4500 rpm or so with plenty of room left to climb in addition to plenty of pedal left. Same thing in 4th gear, although running somewhere in 5000's. What is limiting this? What mods can I do? Thanks for any help or suggestions you have!

posted by  jroyen

im not exactly how it works on a civic either but hes right with the speed limiter. You can take it off, or u can get a programmer and change a whole bunch of settings programed in the ecu. But be careful with respect to the speed rating of tires and engine speeds, holding the engine rpm really high for long periods of time is not good for it at all. Ive had friends who always start burning oil bad piston rings when they been beat on their civics.

posted by  speedy266

in a civic, you should be able to find an over seas dumby chip that a friend that knows what he is doing will have to put in.
just don't get pulled over going 120 in car that "should" be limited to 95

posted by  monteofdoom

Thanks everyone for the info. Oh by the way, monteofdoom, I've already been pulled over for doing 142 in a 60 - although it was on my other Honda - my '01 CBR F4i. Oh yeah that sucked.

posted by  jroyen

I Know some that got busted for doing 180mph with a very modified Honda Civic in a 25 to 35 mph zone. It took 12 cops to pull him over since he was racing with few other buddies. They wanted to put him in jail and gave him 13 different tickets. His father had connections and got him out for grand total of about $500. He didn't even lose his license or get any points. This kid was around 19 years old.

It pays to have a good father, if this was me I would be in jail with no license.………. wait :banghead: .................... now that I come to think of it, If he did have a good father then he wouldn't be doing this in the first place since he would know how high the risk of taking someone's life is when you start doing 180 in a 25 zone. :thumbs:

You know when they say, " What you do will comeback to haunt you" well he now is around his late 20's and when to visit his homeland in November. He got involved in a hit and run. Thank God, he is still alive with a broken leg and some damage to his knees.

posted by  ZMan3000

Jroyen, what he mean't was that it's illegal to modify the governor. You'd get nailed pretty hard, sometimes if the cop's a dick, he can make you safety the vehicle so you're back where you started.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

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