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I'm hoping that someone can confirm or remove my suspicions.I recently purchased a used ('01) Ford Explorer Sport 31,000 on the odometer. After driving it for a few weeks I've noticed some strange sounds, for instance, the engine seems to be loping at idle (i.e. RRRRR rrrrr RRRRR rrrrrr RRRRRR rrrrrr) It seems to do fine while moving, but with the wind, I may just be unable to here it. I became especially concerned when I noticed a dead mosquito in the space between the odometer and the plastic cover. Aren't those things sealed so that they can't be tampered with? Any chance that the little guy could have crawled in there innocently? Or have I got a fraud problem on my hands? If so, what do I do about it? I did carfax the vin number, everything lined up from year to year. Thanks for any replies.

posted by  used car owner

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