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I posted once in another section but I don't know which one is right. I have a 96 dodge neon that will not start. We have jumped it and it still wont start. It turns over like it wants to start but won't turn all the way over. Someone suggested I put a heater on the motor and we did for a couple of hours and it would start for a few seconds but then cut off. Does anyone know what it could be?????

posted by  TIFFENI

is it cold where you are? maybe they meant put a block heater in your engine, or if it has one... plug it in. maybe outa gas... i know stupid question but possible? if it's turning over get someone to test it for spark. cant help you much more unless i know more about the problem.

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Cars not starting can be from a myriad of problems. The first thing I would do is try to determine if you are getting spark. If you are, see if you are getting fuel. Usually these are the 2 biggest problems. You may also have gotten some water in your gas that is now frozen.

posted by  gamesmstr

my guess is that either your battery is just dead completely or that your alternator aint working...use a voltmeter and check to see if your alternator is chrging your battery...

posted by  god_skater2000

Sounds like the IAC valve is sticking (it allows air into the intake during idle and controls cold idle speed). It costs about $50 and is fairly easy to replace. Although, you should have it tested before shelling out any cash.

posted by  srober32

it could be your O2 sensor

posted by  AHCDirtyGirl

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