cant find chrome lug bolts for 1936 -1958 Buick

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I am trying to find a set of chrome lug bolts for 1936 -1958 Buick.
They are 9/16-18 with a 1” thread length.
Head size isn’t that important but the original is 3/4.
Seat angle is 60’

Thanks if you can help.

posted by  buddycraigg

This one has me stumped but I do have an idea. Some 3/4 and 1-ton pick-ups and vans used 9/16-18 lugs in the '60's, '70's and early '80's. You might try an RV place for your nuts. My reasoning is that you can (could?) buy chrome wheels for them so why not chrome lug nuts to match. Things could be worse, you could have had a Mopar with left hand threads.

Good luck finding them. I feel sorry for a man without his nuts. :D

posted by  vwhobo

Thanks for the reply.
I’ve actually been a parts guy for about 12 years and it’s got me stumped too. I cant find anything in the after market world. So I hoped the web would be able to help.

Let me know if you stumble across something

Buddy Craigg

posted by  buddycraigg

Cross your fingers, I may have found your missing nuts.

posted by  vwhobo

I actually already called them.
They make ‘em in just about every other size, just not 9/16.

So far it looks like I have 5 choices.
1 get these and use chrome nuts.
2 press normal studs in the hubs and ruin the threads and use nuts.
3 used covers
4 have my old bolts chromed
5 try to polish my old bolts

thanks for trying to help out a newbie

posted by  buddycraigg

Wanted to let you know that my coworker with the 55 buick has decided to go with the lug bolt caps.
Don’t know if this works here…
And thanks for the help again.

posted by  buddycraigg

try this place, i just found it the other day, i was going to sell some of my 74 buick intereior on there. its all about buicks.

posted by  adamc44

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