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I have an 84-85 Civic and I need help fixing a wiring problem.

My problem is with the beeping that would normaly tell you your key is in the ignition and your door is open and such stuff, a very annoying beep, and it doesn't shut off, you have to disconnect the battery to make it stop beeping and running down the battery. My Grandpa suggested that disconnecting the ground wire (that's what he called it, I don't know if that is what it actually is) from the ignition would make it stop, and it did, but that made the turn signals not work. The beeping stops when the car is started, so it's not distracting when driving, it is just irritating to have to open the hood and disconnect the battery everytime you are going to stop anywhere. I was thinking about simply removing the buzzer and wiring it's connectors directly to each other, which would make it not beep, but I would think that would run the battery down just as fast, not really fixing the problem, just the annoying beep.

Thanks for reading my rambling post, any help is appreciated.

posted by  Ed Zeppelin

isnt that wat we call a short to ground? this beeping buzzer, is that the buzzer that goes on when turn key to on then goes off after car starts? or is it a buzzer for leaving the headlights on after opening the door? my guess is the key buzzer.. u should check the key switch.. its a two wire senosr. one wire should be yellow? there should be continuity when a key is switch to on and no continuity when key is out of socket.
check with DVOM set to ohms.

posted by  thongsai

I think it is the one for the headlights, but it just keeps beeping, might it be the sensor that tells it the door is open is faulty?

It keeps beeping, not a continuous beep but kinda be be be beep, be be be beep until you start the car, then it quits, but when the car is off the battery has to be disconnected or it will beep til it drains the battery.

Thanks for the help btw.

posted by  Ed Zeppelin

well is the interior lights on? as in if u open the door, lots of lights should turn on including the dome light. so we can rule out the door light switch if all lights goes off when u shut the door. plus wouldnt ur headlights have to be on for that buzzer to come on?

posted by  thongsai

I don't know, the car is not in particularly good repair, it was used mostly to haul tools and fire wood around, I don't think the dome light works, and there aren't any other lights to speak of in the passenger compartment, but I don't think that helps any.

My Grandpa rigged it up so it would work, but he doesn't know how to fix it properly, also, the clock in the car doesn't work properly, it starts over at noon when you turn the car on, any ideas on how to fix this?

I thought about adding a kill switch, so I could flip a switch that would function only to effectively disconnect the battery, but this is a last resort kind of thing. Your help is much appreciated, perhaps we should continue on MSN messenger.

posted by  Ed Zeppelin

well the clock should always have a Battery voltage.. he prolly hooked it up to something that had battery voltage, but goes off during cranking.. thus resetting ur clock every engine start

shouldnt there be other lights that turn on when u open the door? side door lights? other various lights?

posted by  thongsai

Sounds like the clock's getting its power from ignition power rather than constant power. To test this, turn the ignition to accessories only and see if the clock comes on then.

posted by  windsonian

Just take the warning beeper out, those things are annoying anyway.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

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