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Hi, all.

Temperature is cold these days in Montreal (like 10-15 below zero F for the last couple of days).

Took the car to the mechanic because of no power steering. He replaced a section of power steering hose yesterday afternoon. I then drove the car to work (about 1 mile), no problem.

By quitting time (about 4 hours later), the car starts OK, but I can't put it in gear. The lever barely moves. It doesn't get to REVERSE, from PARK. I can move it maybe 1/2 inch, back & forth. When I move it, I hear "linkage" noises from beneath the dash and from engine area.

I let the engine idle for about 10-15 minutes (feels like 2 HOURS!) until it warms up, thinking that maybe something is, literally, frozen. Eventually, I was able to move the lever, very sluggishly. First to REVERSE, back to PARK, then to NEUTRAL, finally to DRIVE.

After I was able to move the lever, I noticed that there was some "mushy" resistance for a few minutes. I drove off and at the first traffic light, I moved the lever back & forth a few times. After a few minutes, it was moving as freely as usual. I drove home without a problem.

This morning, exactly the same thing happened.

What's going on???

I've never had this problem in the previous 5 winters that I've had the car.

Can someone help??? Thanks in advance.

(BTW, the power steering is fine!)

posted by  mlukahot

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