Chev S10 Tranny woes.

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I own a 1994 Chev S10 Pickup. This vehicle has the 4.3 L Vortec engine and the 4L60E tranny. Mileage is 260,000 k or about 160,000 miles. Tranny had new filter and fluid about 40,000 miles ago. Yesterday while driving the tranny started to make a mild grinding noise while in OD. I had been driving for about 1 1/2 hours, about 85 miles. The conditions were good but very cold at about -20 C. I was just cruising along at about 55 mph, no load in the bed and not towing anything when the grinding noise started. I immediatley pulled over and checked the fluid and for leaks. Fluid seemed ok and nothing leaking. It was only about 1/2 hour to home so I off I went. Loud grinding in 1st, mild howl in 2nd and 3rd was fine. Kept it out of OD. Luckily not too many red lights to contend with. Anyway made it home. I suspect that the tranny is shot and will need either a rebuild or a replacement but I wanted to get input from people with more experience and knowledge about trannies than myself. Any input will be greatly appreciated and acknowledged. Thanks

posted by  MikeD

Sounds like you got quite some milage from the 4L60E trans, I would look to get it rebuilt and do not drive it except to the trans shop...if it moves anymore. :thumbs:

posted by  srober32

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