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I have recently replaced both the battery (dead and wouldn't hold a charge) and the alternator (bad diode) and the battery idiot light still won't go off. The engine runs under battery power, but will not run on just the alternator. I have checked all fuses I can find and they all check out. Is there some inline fuse on the charging system that I don't know about? Any suggestions would be helpful.

posted by  gamesmstr

I think I found the idiot and it's not the light. The first thing I recommend to you is to NEVER EVER work on your car again. The only way to know if your car will run on only the alternator is to disconnect the battery while it's running.

Now I don't know if you came up with this on your own, if you used to work on cars and think you're a mechanic or if you're being coached by someone who thinks they're a mechanic, but... Removing the battery cable while the engine is running on a computer controlled car (basically anything built in the last 20 years) can potentially do thousands of dollars worth of damage to you car. It can even be a contributing factor in why your idiot light is on.

Again, DO NOT OPEN YOU HOOD. Drive to the nearest Adavance, Autozone, Pep Boys, et al, and ask them to perform a starting/charging system analysis. It's free and won't damage anything. Then be prepared to purchase another alternator to replace the one you probably fried.

posted by  vwhobo

this guy is mean, but hes right. we r not suppose to check the alternator the old way anymore. they have equipment and free testing at auto parts store.

but check ur wires and fuses. two 10A fuses. a cluster fuse, and cls/pcm fuse.
also check the wire coming from starter selenoid to alternator. red wire contains a fusible link.

posted by  thongsai

For your information VW, I know it won't work off of the alernator because I am getting 0 volts on the other end of the wire and the battery voltage drops upon ignition instead of jumping to 14.5 volts, thus my question about inline fuses... Next time instead of being a jackass, try to be helpful.

posted by  gamesmstr

It was the link... Thanks..

posted by  gamesmstr

And of course I knew how you tested it because you told us in your post. No, wait a minute, I can't find anything at all pertaining to how you tested it. Too bad my crystal ball is in the shop for it's annual cleaning, that might have made all the difference in the world.

In the online world you only get as good as you give... and the thread started with sh*t. If you have a beef with someone, look in the mirror.

posted by  vwhobo

I don't seem to be the one with a chip on his shoulder. I asked a legitimate question. Instead of trying to be helpful (the purpose of this forum), you jumped to conclusions and went for the throat. I probably could have been more specific (excuse me if I was a little tired and frustrated after spending my Saturday in the freezing rain and sleet working on a car that isn't even mine, more information I am sorry your crystal ball failed to give you), but that does not justify your seek and destroy, non productive attitude. Next time maybe you should try to actually try to help someone instead of trying to show off to God only knows who by acting like a good for nothing bully. Lets face it. That's all your post was worth.

posted by  gamesmstr

Awwww, give him a break. You'd be "teste" too if your balls had to be removed and taken somewhere to be cleaned. :laughing:

posted by  srober32

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