1992-2003 Ford Explore O/D Light Flashing

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I have Solved this problem, Heres How and its easy and quick
you have to change the epc (electronic pressure cellanoid) witch controlls the pressure of the oil to change the gear.To change that cellanoid you have to remove the oil pan and you will see it,Its the fourth cellanoid on the right the last one. The Cellanoid is around $300.00 New from a Ford Dealer. Its easy to change it if you have an idea of where its located and how to remove it (its easy). If you drive it with the O/d light blinking it will burn the clutches and it will quit on you (break down)

This Only applies to Ford Explore with O/d Light blinking and Has Hard shifting problems. :thumbs:

Thank you

posted by  FordExploders

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